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Pensioners borrowing against their homes – PN Govt currently improving pensions –

first_imgThe Nationalist Party have said that a scheme introduced by the government to allow pensioners to borrow money against the value of their home, puts more pressure on pensioners those who inherit.The PN’s spokespeople, Mario de Marco and Claudio Grech state that the scheme does not fix the inadequacies in the existing pension scheme.They state that pensioners were in a position where they needed to borrow money simply to buy food and medicine and this was the result of government action. Added to this is the knowledge that one in five pensioners live in or were at risk of poverty, they said.Labour responded to the news saying that PN’s points about pensions were incorrect and that in fact, the government had a number of initiatives aimed at improving pensions.They outlined that the voluntary equity release was one such area that would help, which was announced on Friday.They also explained that these provisions had already been made in the private sector with the government preparing to standardize them for the sake of pensioners.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Watch 47 localities won by PL 19 by PN 2 indecisive

first_img19.30Ix-Xgħajra results are in and its for Labour.PL – 4 PN – 1Elected: Neil Attard (Mayor), Rosabelle Pulis, Anthony Valvo, Raymond Camilleri, PN; Doris Borg.Ix-Xgħajra – LABOUR HOLDThis is what happened in 2013’s results:This is Labour’s supporters greeted the result. Glenn Beddingfield is among them. 18.59The locality of Isla is called and its a win for the Labour Party.PL – 4 PN – 1Isla – LABOUR HOLDElected: Clive Pulis (Mayor), Anthony Bonavia, Joeline Attard, Corinne Buhagiar, PN; Malcolm Gatt.This is how the 2015 election result placed the Labour party in control of the Isla local Council.18.53The next Gozitan local council is up and its Kercem is Nationalist.PN – 3 PL – 2Kercem – NATIONALIST HOLDElected: Mario Azzopardi (Mayor), Pawlu Mizzi, Horace Vella, PL; Frankie Attard, Elvin Grech.This is the 2015 result for the Kercem Local Council election:18.44Munxar’s result has been called and it will be a Nationalist led council.PN – 3 PL – 2Munxar – CHANGE TO NATIONALISTThe council was won by just over 30 votes. PN – 465 to PL – 430.Elected: PN; Damien Christ Spiteri(Mayor), Carmela Parnis, Mark Anthony Busuttil, PL;  Sonja Abela, Joseph Cauchi.Previous election 2015:18.28First result of tonight comes from San Lawrenz Gozo.PN – 4 PL – 1San Lawrenz – NATIONALIST HOLDElected:  PN; Noel Formosa (Mayor), Anthony Formosa George, Joseph Michael Cauchi, Carmela Grima, PL; George Camilleri.Christoph SchwaigerNoel Formosa, re-elected Mayor for San Lawrenz (white shirt and glasses), joined by fellow Gozitans. PL Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana (without lanyard) and Deputy Leader Chris Fearne on the far left hand side.18.24Re-elected MEP for the Nationalist Party Roberta Metsola, is spotted at the counting hall this evening.Christoph Schwaiger 22.01During the elections counted in the past three days, 47 Local Councils have been won by PL, while 13 have been won by PN.21.49All results have been published, and the Police have finished their duties.21.48Attard – NATIONALIST HOLDPN – 6; PL – 3Elected: Stefan Cordina (PN)(mayor), John Bonnici (PL), Helen Caruana (PL), Victor Galea (PL), Remigio Bartolo (PN), Silvio Brincat (PN), Alexander Louis Mangion (PN), Giorgio Mario Schembri (PN). 19.27Announcer tells the scan operators to stay in their positions.19.20Floriana returns the local council to the Labour Party.PL – 3 PN – 2Floriana – LABOUR HOLDElected: Davina Hili Sammut (Mayor), Gail Demanuele, Vincent Borg, PN; Aaron James Ellul, Justine Palmier.This is what happened in the 2015 local council elections for Floriana:19.15Il-Birgu – 4 PL – 1 PNElected:  PL: John Boxall (Mayor), Christopher Cassar, Trevor Mizzi, Jason Vincent Portelli, PN; Anthony Gellel.19.05There’s more tension again. 21.41Naxxar – NATIONALIST HOLDPN – 5; PL – 4Elected: Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami (PN)(mayor), Stephen Abela (PL), Ivan Gaffiero (PL),Noel Gatt (PL), Marlon Brincat (PL), Mary Anne Cuomo (PN), Christopher Deguara (PN), Mark Anthony Deguara (PN), Joseph Spiteri (PN).21.34Qormi – LABOUR HOLDPL – 7; PN – 4PL held the majority of the Qormi Local Council. Therefore, even though PN candidate Jerome Caruana Cilia gained the most votes, PL candidate Renald Falzon has become mayor.Elected: Renald Falzon (PL)(mayor), Jerome Cilia Caruana (PN), Ralph Puli (PN), Josef C. Vento Masini (PL), Donnha Barbara (PL), Charlie Cuschieri Carmelo (PN), Daniel Ablett (PL), George Muscat (PN), Marvin Zammit (PL), Sean Apap Meli (PL), Martina Grech (PL).21.32Is-Swieqi – 7 PN – 2 PLElected: Noel Muscat (Mayor) Anne Pisani, Edgar Rossignaud, Rowena Scicluna, Teresa Valentino, Mary Anne Abela, Paul Fenech, PL; Alexander Chetcuti, Matthew Bonello,Is-Swieqi – NATIONALIST HOLD 19.54Neil Attard, newly elected mayor for Ix-Xgħajra explained that the results were very close.‘Rosabelle and I were very close in the vote count. However, someone had to win and I won. I promise that I will reflect this result in continuous and non-stop work for Xgħajra.’ 18.15There is some tension again at the counting hall this evening. WhatsApp Ħal Luqa – LABOUR HOLDPL – 5; PN – 2Elected: John Schembri (PL)(mayor), Donald Cassar (PL), Eric CamiLleri (PL), kearon Bruno (PL), Frederick Aquilina (PN), Victor Caruana (PN), Lucia Massa (PL).21.27Ħal Għargħur – NATIONALIST HOLDPN – 3; PL – 2Elected: Abraham Aquilina (PN)(mayor), Christopher Fenech (PL), Helen Gauchi (PN), Marllena Galea (PN), Carl Grech (PL).21.10Santa Luċija – LABOUR HOLDPL – 4; PN – 1Elected: Charmaine St John (PL)(mayor), Kylie D’amato (PL), Terrence Ellul (PL), Frederick Cutajar (PL), , Liam Sciberras (PN).20.56Siġġiewi and Mosta have been won by PL. This is the first time Siġġiewi has been won by PL.Mosta – CHANGE LABOURPL – 7; PN – 6Elected: Keith Cassar (PN)(mayor), Romilda Baldacchino Zarb (PL), Christopher Grech (PL), Francis Deguara (PN), Rachel Abela (PL), Shirley Abela (PL), Aiken Zerafa (PN), Maria Pia Bonnici (PL), Mario Victor Camilleri (PL), Joseph Edward Howard (PL), Mikhail Micallef (PN).20.48Siġġiewi – CHANGE LABOURPL – 4; PN – 3Elected: Alessia Psaila Zammit (PN), Borg Julian (PN), Sant Kurstein (PL), Haber Rodianne (PL), Grech Dominic (PL), Farrugia Adrian (PL), Farrugia Francine (PN).20.48Ħamrun – LABOUR HOLDPL – 5; PN – 2Elected: Christian Sammut (PL)(mayor), Efrem Buttigieg (PN), Vincent Bonello (PL),  Jurgen Carl Grixti (PL), Carmen Borg (PL), Marie-Louise Portelli (PN), Cynthia Tomasuolo (PL). 19.02This is how the Labour supporters responded to the win in Isla. 19.48Żebbug Gozo PL – 2, PN – 2, IND -1Elected: PL; Marlene Cini, Sandra Grech, PN; Daniel Cordina, Baskal Saliba, IND; Nicky Saliba.Mayorship to be decided.This was the result back in 2015:19.37Working to unite Cottonera – Clive PulisThis is how Isla’s new Mayor responded to questions from that the focus for the future will be uniting the community and making it more focused for tourists.Clive Pulis: ‘I thank all the Isla residents for believing in me. The other councillors and I will be meeting to keep on working in our locality. We have projects which will unite Cottonera and we will look to the future in order to make it a touristic zone.’ 20.41Ħal Safi – LABOUR HOLDPL – 3; PN – 2Elected: Johan Mula (PL)(mayor),Janice Azzopardi (PL), Francis Callus (PL), Publio Abdilla (PN), Joanna Abdilla (PN). 17.41Clint Camilleri watches the count in Qala local council closely…Christoph SchwaigerVotes are being counted in Naxxar… SharePrint Today is the third and final day of counting to decide the remaining 23 Local Councils across Malta and Gozo.Adjudicators have begun the sorting process with the counting process kicking off at 5PM.The 68 councils were split into three groups with the first selected on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.Tonight will see the final 23 councils decided.Today, the votes will be counted will counted for the following councils; Attard, Gharghur, Kirkop, Luqa, Qormi, Safi, Zebbug (Gozo), Birgu, Hamrun, Mosta, Munxar, Qala, Naxxar, Siggiewi, Swieqi, Xghajra, Mtarfa, Isla, San Lawrenz, Santa Lucija, Kercem, Floriana and Gzira.What each political party has:Labour – 32 Local CouncilsNationalist – 11 Local CouncilsIndependent – 1 Local Council (Gharb Gozo) will be launching its third and final live blog on the local council elections, communicating the results from the counting hall in Naxxar.Check out the previous two days of results here:Local Council elections: PL wins Valletta and St Paul’s Bay, PL 16 – PN 7Local Elections: 2nd night results in 16 PL held, 4 PN held, Gharb council undecided 20.35Gżira – LABOUR HOLDPL – 5; PN – 4Elected: Conrad Borg Manchè (PL)(mayor), Neville Chetcuti (PL), Ralph Mangion (PL), Alexander Zammit (PL), Ian Buhagiar (PL), Jessica Borg (PN), Jeremy Cardona (PN), Hugh Caruana (PN), Shaun Farrugia (PN).20.24Kirkop – LABOUR HOLDPL – 3; PN – 2Elected: Terence Agius (PL)(mayor), Ritienne Caruana (PL), Joseph Schembri (PL), John Luke Cassar (PN), Cody Galea (PN).20.13Imtarfa – LABOUR HOLDPL – 3; PN – 2Elected: Daniel John Attard (PL)(mayor), Kyle Mifsud (PL), Marica Sammut Dimech (PL), Simon-Paul Fenech (PN), Anthony Mifsud (PN).20.00Qala – LABOUR HOLDPL – 3; PN – 2Elected: Paul Buttigieg (PL)(Mayor), Joseph Buttigieg (PL), John Cefai (PL), Karl Buttigieg (PN), Valerie Cassar Mejlak (PN). <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

What do a policeman female lawyer and ladylike handshake have in common

first_img SharePrint Everyday language such as “policeman”, “female lawyer” and a “ladylike handshake”, while seemingly harmless, allows for sexist undertones and enforces gender stereotypes, the European Institute for Gender Equality said.The Institute produced a toolkit in order to raise awareness about gender-sensitive language. The idea behind the toolkit, is that language is a reflection of the attitudes, behaviours and norms within a society. According to the Institute, often the language used however ignores or minimizes women’s contribution in society despite their active role. The toolkit focuses on policymakers, policy advisors, legislators, writers, editors and the media. The toolkit focuses on the gender dimension of language.The communication toolkit published, provides a number of examples of what kind of language should be used to ensure the dignity of men, women and non-binary persons. In the case of nouns, phrases such as “chair” or “chairperson” instead of “chairman” and “flight attendant” instead of “steward” and “stewardess”.The same rules would apply to Maltese nouns, where the word “wieħed,” as in “man” in the general sense could be replaced when changing the phrase to the plural. A recent study by Joseph Charles Galdes from the Department of Maltese shows that the majority of female workers would prefer if the name of their profession in Maltese is left in the masculine form rather than converted to feminine, meaning that they would prefer to be called “avukat” or “perit” to “avukata” and “perita” due to the implied sexism. <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>center_img WhatsApplast_img read more