Month: January 2021

NISD balances budget, decreases tax rate

first_imgNEDERLAND — After almost $1 million budget cuts from the state, Nederland ISD was able to present a balanced budget to the school board this week including a decrease in the local tax rate.The balancing of the budget was mostly thanks to an increase in Nederland property values and a successful early-exit program administered in the spring of 2011, which encouraging teachers to retire early.“Not only are we proposing a balanced budget but a decrease in tax rates,” said Nederland ISD superintendent Robert Madding. The district saw a 5.97 percent increase in property values over the last year.Mindful of a predicted budget shortfall for next year’s budget, Melissa Wong, NISD business manager, saw the opportunity to lower the tax rate as investment in future property values.“Our values did come up this year, but what if next year they don’t?” she asked. The tax lower tax rate is meant to entice industry and new residents to move into the district, in hopes of a continued increase in local tax revenue, by far the largest source of revenue for the district.  The 2010-2011 tax rate was $1.11 per $100 valuation. The tax rate, adopted by the NISD school board Tuesday, is $1.10  per $100 dollar valuation for 2011-2012.For an owner of a $100,000 house in Nederland taxes will cost $1,100 in 2011-2012, before any applicable exemptions.Total payroll expenditures, the largest expenditure in the budget, went down almost $200,000. A major contributor to the decrease in payroll spending was the 17 district employees who took advantage of the early exit benefits.center_img Also, the district has lowered the minimum salary of a teacher by $258.The total district revenue and expenditures is $35,543,027, which includes a decrease of $128,000 from last year in total expenditures.Also, the proposed budget should leave the district with a fund balance of $8,500,[email protected]last_img read more

Gulf Coast Health Center receives grant to advance peer support in integrated health care

first_img “This grant program represents the joining of two of our most significant programs areas: integrated health care and peer support,” said Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., executive director of the Hogg Foundation and associate vice president for diversity and community engagement at The University of Texas at Austin. “We are committed to helping ensure that peer support is not an adjunct or an after-thought, but an integral part of health care delivery.” The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin has awarded $900,000 in grants to three Texas community health centers (CHCs) to advance peer support in the delivery of integrated health care.Integrated health care is the systematic coordination of primary care, mental health services and substance use treatment. There is now an abundance of research supporting the notion that integrated care approaches can be effective for individuals with both chronic care conditions and mental health conditions. In recent years, the Hogg Foundation has made advancing integrated health care a key strategic area in its grantmaking. The Hogg Foundation advances recovery and wellness in Texas by funding mental health services, policy analysis, research and public education. The foundation was created in 1940 by the children of former Texas Governor James S. Hogg and is part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin.center_img The establishment of peer services in existing integrated health care settings is a natural next step. Peer support is the principle and practice of incorporating individuals with lived experience of mental illness as key members of the care team. This grant program aims to further establish recovery and peer support as core principles in the delivery of care.The Advancing Peer Support in Integrated Health Care grants have been awarded to three CHCs: Gulf Coast Health Center (Port Arthur), Hope Family Health Center (McAllen) and Project Vida (El Paso). The grantees have each been awarded $300,000 over four years to support the hiring of certified peer specialists. Following a substantial planning period, the grantees will hire two certified peer specialists to work in team-based care delivering integrated health care. The rigorous adoption of recovery-oriented principles can be especially beneficial at community health centers, which are often the first point of contact for both physical and mental health concerns.last_img read more

Kathie’s Korner: Powerful Agreement

first_imgAgreement: to be in harmony, one accord, going together without conflict, agreed-upon contract — Webster’s Dictionary.There are a few types of agreement. The main one I use, frequently, is the prayer of agreement.As I open our Rock Church service with prayer, I go to the Father, in Jesus’ name and ask my church to agree with me in prayer, first, that America is free, and protected with leaders who follow God. If they don’t believe, I say, “Get ’em God!”I’m not saying they should walk around in white robes looking holy, but following God is a smart, healthy, peaceful way of life, and I pray they seek God’s wisdom and promote unity and justice!Legal Contracts are signed, some in front of notaries or witnesses, and the parties involved are in agreement with the terms. Marriage will flourish with agreement, maybe not in all areas, food or other forms of entertainment, but the main foundations should be agreed upon.“… Give understanding and honor to your wife, that you may be heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.” “… be of one mind …” I Peter 3: 7 & 8 — NKJ. I honor, respect and enjoy my husband!In parenting, it is critical that the parents agree, as they teach, guide, train and nurture their children, with intelligent, non-emotional, forms of punishment, in private. We didn’t yell at or spank our kids in public. I believe in: praise in public, punish in private. I think some people are too lazy to get up, pick up the child and quietly, go to a restroom with a couple spanks, hug and not bring it up again. (new concept) This, of course, changes as they grow older! A courteous thing to do for everyone in the immediate area!Did you realize that when someone says something you don’t agree with and you are quiet, and don’t say anything, you are agreeing with them? I have learned a way to express my belief without starting an argument or being harsh, but, I won’t agree with fearful, ungodly, negative, unmerited conversation.I enjoy agreeing with my family, friends and church-family for their needs and others they want to help. Where two or more agree on earth, and ask, it is done by our Father in heaven. Matthew 18:19 It is Powerful!Come see me: Rock Church, S.E., 150 Hwy.365, P.A., or Next Uplast_img read more

Seahawks win conference DH

first_imgLAREDO — The Lamar State College Port Arthur Seahawks softball team swept a double-header Friday against Laredo Community College.The Seahawks (16-16, 6-4) got an outstanding performance from Rebecca Hernandez both on the mound and at the plate in the first game, a 5-2 win over the Palominos.Hernandez threw all seven innings and gave up two runs on two hits with three strikeouts and two walks.She went 1 for 3 at the plate with two runs and a double.Alexis Perez was 1 for 3 with three RBI and a double and Kayla Sheridan was 1 for 3 with a run and a RBI.The Seahawks won the second game 8-2. Hernandez stayed hot at the plate by going 3 for 5 with two runs, a RBI, a double and a stolen base.Perez was 2 for 3 with three more RBI and a double. McKenzie Andrus was 1 for 4 with two runs and a double.Angelica Rogers pitched seven innings. She allowed two runs on seven hits with two strikeouts and one walk. Next Uplast_img read more

Arkansas man arrested for attempted robbery at Parkdale Mall

first_imgBEAUMONT — A 28-year-old Arkansas man is behind bars after police say he opened a woman’s car door and demanded money outside Parkdale Mall in Beaumont on Monday. The attempted robbery happened around 8:25 a.m. near the mall’s main entrance, according to a press release from the Beaumont Police Department.The victim was inside a vehicle when police say Bridges approached her door, opened it and demanded money. The victim was able to drive away and quickly called police. Within minutes several officers were in the area searching for the suspect.With the aid of an additional witness Bridges was located in the 6600 block of Eastex. He was arrested and transported to the Jefferson County Jail where he was charged with attempted robbery. The victim was not injured.last_img read more

ASK A COP: In N.J., you can’t pump your own gas

first_imgGeorgia from Groves asks: Officer Antoine, my husband worked out of state with a gentleman from New Jersey, and my husband said he informed him it was illegal in the state of New Jersey to pump their own gas at a gas station. My husband said there are no self-service gas stations in the whole state, and wherever you go there’s an attendant that will pump your gas. I find this very hard to believe there are absolutely no filling stations or convenient stores where you can pump your own gas. Officer Antoine, is this true? Thanks for your answer in advance!Answer: Good question, Georgia! This is a very interesting question because back in my younger days, there were many full-service gas stations in Texas and now they seem nonexistent. Not very often am I totally clueless about a question that is asked in this column, but from research I was able to compile that your husband’s former coworker was telling the truth. In the states of New Jersey and Oregon, businesses are prohibited from having self-service gas stations. It would promote many more jobs in Texas, but with that I’m sure the gas prices with rise as well. New Jersey banned self-service gasoline in 1949 after lobbying by service station owners and Oregon did the same in 1951. Proponents of the ban cite safety and jobs as reasons to keep the ban. Also this aids with those motorists who have a disability and find it difficult to pump their own gas. Evette from Beaumont asks: Officer Antoine, I am the proud mother of a beautiful 4-month-old boy. He is the first child for my husband and I so we’re new to this (laughing)!  I have a question about child car seats. We have two vehicles and one car seat. Sometimes I take the infant seat out of the base and leave the base in my car, and my husband is left with the infant seat without the base. Can he transport our child legally in the car with just the infant seat without the base, or does the base have to be attached to the infant seat? Thank you and love the article!Answer: Good question, Evette! Of course you should always strive to have the base attached to the infant seat, because this provides the maximum protection for your child. But in cases where the base is in one place and the infant seat is in another, if you properly secure the infant seat without the base to the vehicle seat “YES,” you can legally transport the child in an infant seat without the base. Join Officer Antoine for Ask A Cop Live on KSAP 96.9 FM, “The Breeze” radio station, from 1-2 p.m. every Tuesday. Tune in and listen as Officer Antoine discusses in detail the newly released Ask A Cop article published in The News. You can also tune in via internet at Feel free to call in and ask your question live to Officer Antoine at 409-982-0247. Remember to email your questions to [email protected], or call 409-983-8673 and leave a message or voice mail question, or mail them to: Ofc. Rickey Antoine, 645 Fourth St., Port Arthur, Texas, 77640. If you happen to see me in public you can Ask A Cop! Toni from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, I just have to ask this question because I don’t want to get in trouble behind my friend. Officer Antoine, let’s say I’m driving my vehicle and my friend, who’s in the passenger seat, has a yeti cooler type of cup that you can’t see the beverage inside. If we are stopped by the police and the police determine the liquid inside of the cup is alcohol, who would get in trouble? Would it be my passenger or me, who’s driving the vehicle? If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him 50 times, I’m not getting in trouble behind him and his drinking. If they were coming to my car with a can or bottle of alcoholic beverage, I would definitely stop that, but because they have poured it in the yeti type cup, I’m not to the point where I’m going to ask them what’s in the cup. Please help: Who would get the ticket or get arrested? Would it be the driver or the passenger that has the open container? Thanks!Answer: Good question, Toni! In the state of Texas, open containers of alcohol are illegal. Whether it’s the passenger or the driver of a motor vehicle, we cannot possess an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. No matter if it’s disguised by being poured into a cup, or still in this original container, it is still illegal if the seal has been broken. Toni, in your case, the driver who would be you, who was not in possession of an open container but the passenger was. So the passenger would be the one who will receive the citation by the Police Officer.last_img read more

2020 Bulldog Relays results: Memorial 1st in boys, 2nd in girls

first_imgTeam totalsBoysMemorial, 156Barbers Hill, 111United, 92West Brook, 81Galveston Ball, 40Nederland, 26PNG, 25.5Lumberton, 24Jasper, 22Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 21East Chambers, 20Bridge City, 19.5Hamshire-Fannett, 18Baytown Lee, 14Pollok Central, 8West Orange-Stark 2GirlsBarbers Hill, 179Memorial, 92United, 86Nederland, 74Bridge City, 57PNG, 43West Brook, 40Cleveland 36West Orange-Stark, 20Lumberton, 16East Chambers, 13Hamshire-Fannett, 8Orangefield 6Baytown Lee 6Woodville, 4Galveston Ball 2 Boys (top 4)100 — 1. Nolton Shelvin, East Chambers, 10.70; 2. Logan Nguyen, Nederland, 11.19; 3. James Ward, Memorial, 11.24; 4. James Wilson, United, 11.41 200 — 1. Nolton Shelvin, East Chambers, 21.76; 2. Ireon Brown, Memorial, 22.01; 3. Christopher Powell, Baytown Lee, 22.63; Markel Clark, West Brook, 22.83400 — 1. Cyrus Jacobs, PNG, 50.56; 2. Jaylon Guilbeau, Memorial, 51.80; 3. Clay Jenkins, Lumberton, 53.22; 4. Bryce Barbay, Jasper, 54.10800 — 1. Lamont Freeman Jr., Memorial, 2:05.71; 2. Christopher Fraizer, United, 2:07.62; 3. Kwenten Ford, United, 2:08.14; 4. Caleb Wilson, West Brook, 2:08.271600 — 1. Kelly Carmichael, Galveston Ball, 4:39.87; 2. Beau Waldrop, Lumberton, 4:47.31; 3. Blake Mortera, Nederland, 4:49.06; 4. Caleb Wilson, West Brook, 4:53.77 Girls (top 4)100 — 1. Alexia Lewis, Memorial, 12.77; 2. Daja Maxey, United, 13.00; 3. Paris Martin, Port Arthur, 13.14; 4. A’Nyriah Scott, Memorial, 13.39400 — 1. Sanaria Butler, PNG, 60.52; 2. Caitlin Hood, Lumberton, 63.58; 3. Aaliyah Staves-White, United, 64.61; 4. Tajah’Ana Shinette, Barbers Hill, 64.86800 — 1. Natane Randall, West Brook, 2:29.25; 2. Grace Mathis, Barbers Hill, 2:33.77; 3. Katelynn Helm, Orangefield, 2:37.36; 4. Macie Gauthier, Hamshire Fannett, 2:37.681600 — 1. Makayla Johnson, Barbers Hill, 5:53.38; 2. Claire Broussard, Nederland, 5:54.23; 3. Jessica De La Fuente, Barbers Hill, 6:03.84; 4. Grace Garrett, Nederland, 6:07.283200 — 1. Kaylen Smith, Bridge City, 13:17.75; 2. Mariana Ruiz, Cleveland, 13:37.69; Bailee Nguyen, Barbers Hill, 13:43.87; 4. Kenady Davis, Lumberton, 13:44.12100 Hurdles — 1. Whitleight Moreau, Bridge City, 16.55; 2. Jaden Montoya, Barbers Hill, 17.08; 3. Ashlyn Lane, West Brook, 17.13; 4. Mykia Coleman, Barbers Hill, 17.48300 Hurdles — 1. Alaysha White, United, 51.73; 2. Mykia Coleman, Barbers Hill, 52.56; 3. Hannah Dixon, Barbers Hill, 52.59; 4. Ashlyn Lane, West Brook, 52.634×100 Relay — 1. Barbers Hill, 51.05; 2. Memorial, 51.28; 3. United, 52.10; 4. Cleveland 52.284×200 Relay — 1. West Orange-Stark, 1:50.43; 2. Memorial 1:50.72; 3. Cleveland 1:52.52; 4. West Brook, 1:53.054×400 Relay — 1. Barbers Hill, 4:16.33; 2. PNG, 4:29.36; 3. Memorial, 4:30.45; 4. United, 4:33.85Distance Medley — 1. Nederland 14:01.94; 2. Barbers Hill, 14:03.44; 3. East Chambers, 14:52.44; 4. Cleveland, 15:21.91High Jump — 1. Cami Gonzales, Nederland, J5-02.00, 2. Emily Ranolls, Bridge City, J5-02.00; 3. Meagan Mayfield, Barbers Hill, J5-02.00; 4. Alexa Gayden, Barbers Hill, J5-00.00Pole Vault — 1. Kaci Andrus, Barbers Hill, 10-00.00; 2. Marilyn Clark, Bridge City, 8-06.00; 3. Morgan Luke, Nederland, 8-00.00; 4. Lindsey Richmond, Nederland, J7-06.00Long Jump — 1. Alexa Gayden, Barbers Hill, 16-03.00; 2. Paris Martin, Memorial, 16-00.00; 3. Sanaria Butler, PNG, 15-05.00; 4. Alexia Lewis, Memorial, 15-04.00Triple Jump — 1. Ke’Asia Hall, Nederland, 36-06.00; 2. Kristin Williams, Memorial, 35-06.00; Sanaria Butler, PNG, 34-11.00; 4. Meagan Mayfield, Barbers Hill, 34-05.00Shot Put — 1. Kerin Peter, United, 36-08.25; 2. Kailyn Williams; United, 36-06.25; 3. Maya Flax, Memorial, 35-09.50; 4. Madyson Melton, Bridge City, 32-03.75Discus — 1. Alyssa Thomas, Barbers Hill, 123-01; 2. Kailyn Williams, United, 111-06; 3. Kerin Peter, United, 101-08; 4. Madyson Melton, Bridge City, 97-10 3200 — 1. Kelly Carmichael, Galveston Ball, 10:01.26; 2. Beau Waldrop, Lumberton, 10:33.06; 3. Alejandro Carcano, Galveston Ball, 10:34.18; 4. Caden Shaw, Bridge City, 10:35.63110 Hurdles — 1. Harold Mosley, Memorial, 14.59; 2. Bryce Barbay, Jasper, 15.53; 3. Jessie Cornell, Memorial, 15.83; 4. Brendon Pollock, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 16.80300 Hurdles — 1. Harold Mosley, Memorial, 41.67; 2. Jerel Taylor, Memorial, 43.72; 3. Brayden Sledge, Barbers Hill, 43.74; 4. Damon Gobert, Hamshire-Fannett, 45.264×100 Relay — 1. Memorial, 41.60; 2. West Brook, 42.65; 3. United, 43.57; PNG, 43.674×200 Relay — 1. Memorial, 1:29.09; 2. United, 1:32.28; 3. West Brook, 1:33.53; 4. Barbers Hill, 1:35.584×400 Relay — 1. Memorial, 3:26.13; 2. United, 3:38.71; 3. Barbers Hill, 3:41.68; 4. Hamshire-Fannett, 3:44.56Distance Medley — 1. Barbers Hill, 11:33.51; 2. West Brook, 11:49.79; 3. Nederland, 12:04.28; 4. Pollok Central, 12:26.37High Jump — 1. James Stevens, Galveston Ball, 6-08.00; 2. Quentin Chew, Barbers Hill, 5-10.00; 3 tie. Zach Ferrigno, Barbers Hill, 5-08.00; 3 tie. Carson Myres, Barbers Hill, 5-08.00; 3 tie. Briten Scott, West Brook, 5-08.00Pole Vault — 1. Bryce Barbay, Jasper, 14-00.00; 2. Sebastian Garcia, Barbers Hill, 13.06.00; 3. Michael Vargas, West Brook, J12-06.00; Ethan Corkran, Bridge City, J12-06.00Long Jump — 1. Markel Clark, West Brook, 21-10.00; 2. Jessie Cornell, Memorial, 21-03.00; 3. Chandler Rivers, United, 20-04.00; 4. James Ward, Memorial, 19-05.00Triple Jump — 1. Canden Grogan, Barbers Hill, 42-09.00; 2. Tavian Gipson, Memorial, 41-04.50; 3. Mykell Coleman, Barbers Hill, 38-07.00; 4. Kyler Garlaska, Bridge City, 37-10.00Shot Put — 1. Tre’Vantae Caine, Memorial, 52-05.00; 2. Kollyn Brown, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 50-00.00; 3. Terrance Jackson, United, 43-06.00; 4. Josh King-Bradley, Barbers Hill, 42-09.00Discus Throw — 1. Terrance Jackson, United, 158-03; 2. Kollyn Brown, Little Cypress-Mauriceville; 144-03; 3. Ryshawn Winn, United, 131-09; 4. Gavin Broadway, 122-09last_img read more

Man curses & punches nurse during urine sample procedure, police say

first_imgA 44-year-old Port Arthur man who police contend cursed out a nurse then punched her in the face while she was trying to get a urine sample from him using a catheter has been indicted.Brian Willey was indicted for the Oct. 8 offense of assault on a public servant by a Jefferson County grand jury this week. The nurse was discharging a public duty when Willey reportedly punched her in the face, thus making her a “public servant” in this situation, authorities said. Police were dispatched to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas, where they said a 24-year-old nurse was attempting to get a urine sample from Willey using a catheter when he sat up, cursed her, including telling her to “f— off” and called her a whore, and punching her in the face.The officer noted in the affidavit for arrest that he saw a red mark on the nurse’s left cheek from being struck.center_img Willey has since bonded out of the Jefferson County Correctional Facility.An indictment is not a final conviction of guilt; it is only a ruling by the grand jury that allows the district attorney’s office to proceed with a criminal case.last_img read more

First Date’s Zachary Levi Talks ‘Chuck the Musical’ and Disneyland Dating Disasters on The Tonight Show

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 5, 2014 Related Shows Zachary Levi Although he’s nowhere near as tightly wound as his character in Broadway’s First Date, Zachary Levi does share one thing with his character Aaron: a handful of dating disasters! While stopping by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Levi dished about the excitement of making his Broadway debut, his harrowing experience on a date at Disneyland and the reason why Chuck fans should be running to see First Date. Below, check out the clip of the impeccably dressed—and newly minted—Broadway star! View Comments Star Files First Datelast_img

Hit It! Watch Carol Burnett Sing Her Legendary Sign-Off Song with Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show

first_imgWhat do you get when you put a legendary Tony winner and a Grammy winner in a TV studio together? Well, you can bet there’s bound to be some singing going on. Carol Burnett stopped by The Queen Latifah Show and, lucky for us, she agreed to sing her legendary sign-off song from The Carol Burnett Show (complete with ear tug) with the talk show host—the blast from the past even got them both a little verklempt! Carol (and Latifah), we’re so glad we had this time together just to have a laugh and sing a song. Seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to say so long. Click below to sing along with the stars! View Commentslast_img